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Chief blogger, Richard S. Levine, has been a teacher, software engineer, and video game designer.  Now he attempts to keep up on science and technology, writes speculative fiction, designs games and puzzles, researches genealogy, and tutors.  For more about Mr. Levine, visit his website

Our name is our business.  Just about everything you find in our blog, The New, will be about something that is new or relatively new.  We will discuss products, ideas, and links.  Like the news, our mission is to bring you what's NEW and Worthy of your time.

We started this website in order to help others find information about new hotels, new technologies, new puzzles, and many other new things in a variety of categories.  We'll be expanding our categories as we go along, but we won't be like the big search engines or social media websites.  We will always only be about what's new.

We want you to keep coming back to find out what is